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Affiliate Marketing Services

If you are a serious business owner who is looking for the dedicated sales agents and ready to share your profit as a commission for their efforts? Affiliate Marketing is the best solution for you. Affiliate Marketing is a type of Performance based marketing activity in which the company shares the commission with one or more affiliates who brings customers to their business. An affiliate marketing consists of two major players, an Advertiser and a Publisher. Advertiser is the one who offers the commission for each lead or sale generated by the publisher.

Affiliate Marketing Services involve choosing the right affiliate from the publisher network, deciding on the best affiliate commission, managing the network and increasing the number of sales. With Affiliate Marketing, you pay only when the publisher achieves the predefined results. It actually a sales force compensated based on their performance. Creating and managing a proper Affiliate Network will help you in achieving more sales with less effort.

What We Do ?

We choose the publishers very carefully since they are the one who brings business to you. As a part of our Affiliate Marketing Services, we offer end to end affiliate network building and management to get the best. Our typical strategy includes:

  1. Understanding your Business Goals
  2. Setup an Affiliate Campaign
  3. Promote the Campaign
  4. Selecting Publishers
  5. Distribution of Marketing Collaterals
  6. Tracking & Performance Improvement
Affiliate Marketing Services

What Results can be Expected?

Understanding your business goal and setting up the perfect affiliate marketing campaign is our primary goal. Our team of affiliate marketing experts are well equipped with the technology updates which ensures the better ROI to your business.


Cost Effective

You can decide on how much you want to offer as a commission based on the performance.

Low Risk

You only pay the affiliate when a pre-determined result is met.

Saves Time & Energy

You don’t need to spend much time on promoting and advertising your products.

Better ROI

With the control over the commission rates, you can always expect the better ROI.


While you pay only for the lead or sale, Advertisements on the publisher website always help to reach wider audience.

Easy to Track

It’s easy to track and measure the performance of each publisher.

Let’s Discuss about Affiliate Marketing

  • We choose the affiliates and publisher network very carefully since we understand your business goals.
  • We work as an intermediary between the advertisers and the publishers and ensure the best ROI for both parties.
  • With our effective strategy and management, you will have the best network of affiliates which will increase leads and sales.