The main aim of any business is to achieve self-sustainability and growth in its field which needs a well-planned marketing strategy that will help business to reach a target audience. Video marketing is one of the major tools to promote business, especially for start-ups as they are new in the market and have to face many challenges in their initial stages. Actually, Video marketing is considered as blessings for start-ups which has been proven to boost audience and even sales. According to a 2016 report of Hubspot’s, 54% of customers want to learn from video, while only 29% wants to learn from blog posts.

Nowadays video marketing of a business can be done through many social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Quora etc. which is more user-friendly.

video marketingIt’s important to enlist few benefits of video marketing:


Any start-up business need more exposure while targeting their product to an audience and video marketing has the power to boost their visibility and power in rankings.

Search Engines usually gives higher preference to a video when compared to similar texts and gives a better ranking to websites in search results.


With a surplus increase in video and its rate of production, technology is leaning more towards supporting video formats. For example, Facebook and Instagram support auto-play videos now which is a very good feature for video marketers.

It is impossible to agree with that web-links or texts in status update supports more than video content. This is the reason why nowadays many businesses are promoting their commercial videos via social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchatetc, and also they are putting advertisements on these social sites.


According to a report, 65% viewers watch more than ¾ of a video which proves its higher retention rate in comparison to a text content. So, if a start-up has any message

to get to its users, a video is more suitable format as there is more probability that viewers will watch this.


Video marketing boosts conversions and sales of a start-up if they are promoted in the right order. A study claims that about 74% of users immediately orders the product from a website if they see an explanatory video about it. According to one another study, adding a video on homepage increase conversions by 80%.

Since most of the information in our brain is processed through visual senses and if pictures can boost engagement massively, you can imagine engagements via moving pictures. So a start-up needs to focus on explanatory videos on its product to gain profits through video marketing.


E-mail marketing is very much important to increase engagements and boost audience and it contains more important information to customers, Videos have been proved to resonate and drive click-throughs by making it double.


The video provides a better return on investment (ROI) through information it shares to its customers. In the era when digitalisation is spreading at such tremendous rate, video editing tools are becoming more easily available at a very affordable cost. It is only content that matters, so the video doesn’t even need to be perfect as its only aim to is to understood consumers what their product offers. So, it is wiser to get the better return through video marketing.


With an increase in no. of smartphone users all over the world, video audiences are increasing regularly and they are more preferring quality videos rather than long content text. A report of GOOGLE profess that smartphone numbers are twice in numbers of TV viewers and 1.4 times of desktop viewers, thus it creates a personal connection to start-ups that use video content or video ads on their service. 


All the points explained above signifies how important video is for any business, whether it be a start-up or a big company. Video can engage the even laziest person on the planet to view what you are offering to them.

But before any start-up company start recording their first video, they have to make sure that it follows video strategy what makes it more appealing to consumers.